Welcome to our site.  For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for photography!  I started out sixty years ago when I was only nine.  My older brother set up a dark room for developing black and white photographs in a very rudimentary way.  I was absolutely mesmerized by the mechanics of the cameras ability to capture a moment in time.  A preservation of life you might say and this was something I could do.  I had found a way to stop time and preserve history.  Of course, I had no idea that was what I was doing at the time.  I just liked being able to do it!  I was hooked for life.  It was and is magical!  I eventually moved on to artist quality color photography.  I did this for the pure pleasure of it.  It wasn’t until I started sharing these images with friends and even strangers that I realized that these images had effects on people.  They always seem so surprised to find out that I had personally taken these photographs and produced these images.


I’ve done a lot in my life.  I played in a rock and roll band.  Developed all types of real estate.  Lived on an island and built a marina.  All the time taking pictures!  All the way back to my childhood I was immersed in nature.  Growing up in rural West Florida I was surrounded by nature.  I am very much influenced by all her beautiful colors.  As I grew up I was told that certain colors did not go together.  Colors like blue and green did not go together!  I could never understand that?  The grass and trees are green and the sky is blue and it is beautiful!  The point is I always seemed to go my own way and I believe this is reflected in my images.


Back in, “the olden days”, the very best and most advanced images were found in magazines like National Geographic and Life Magazine.  They did their own processing and none of their secrets were available to the rest of us.  Most of us photographers were envious and would think to ourselves, how did they do that?  Today the cameras and computers are wondrous aren’t they?  They have allowed all of us the ability to take beautiful pictures.  Images that inspire our imaginations.  How many times have you looked at photograph and wondered, what is going on?  I know I have seen photographs that have captured my imagination and on numerous occasions, I’ve made up my own story about the photograph.


Although I have placed my images in homes, townhouses, condominiums, restaurants and office buildings in Florida during my real estate developing days.  They have always been gifts to the new owners.  Now that my wife and I have left the real estate business and move to California to be close to our grandchild, I will be able to pursue my great love of photography full time!  I have now reached that point, in the circle of life, where I am more reflective.  I believe I have an artist’s eye and they have a saying back where I come from, “even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now and then”.  Well I have collected quite a few nuts in my life time and want to share them.  Most of my work today would be considered abstract.  Abstracts to me creates more mysterious images.  I hope you will find pleasure in my photographs and perhaps, just perhaps, stir a little mystical wonderment.  That would make me happy!


You may contact me by email at hcharris47@gmail.com or simply call me at (850) 524-4853.


Live long and prosper!


Clay Harris