Clay Harris: Image Artist’s Profile


I’ve done a lot in my life.  I played in a rock and roll band.  Developed all types

of real estate.  Lived on an island and built a marina.  All the while producing images.  All the way back to my childhood I was immersed in nature.  Growing up

in rural West Florida I was surrounded by nature.  I am very much influenced by nature and all her beautiful colors.  As I grew up I was told that certain colors

did not go together.  Colors like blue and green did not go together!  I could

never understand that?  The grass and trees are green and the sky is blue and

it is beautiful!  The point of this is that I always seemed to go my own way and

I believe this is reflected in my images. 


The last few years I’ve been passionate about composite imaging.  Building an image by combining images to create a story from my mind’s eye. The artistic nature of my composite images has allowed me to utilize my imagination to

produce images that take me on a journey.   I’m interested in how you feel seeing my images and if perhaps the images will take you on a journey as well.


I have reached that point, in the circle of life, where I am more reflective.  I believe I have an artist’s eye and they have a saying back where I come from, “even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now and then”.  I have collected quite

a few nuts in my life time and want to share them.  I have both limited addition and single image offerings for sale.   I hope you will find pleasure in my images. 


You may contact me by e-mail at  You may also call me

on my cell phone at (850) 524-4853 if you have needs in regard to images for a specific decorative design.  I have been involved in the design and furnishing of hundreds of residential and commercial properties over the years.  Let’s have

fun picking the image design that are prefect for you!  My web site is


Clay Harris 

Live long and prosper!