Price List


Photo Prices without                                                          Per Frame Prices for Wood Finished

Frames, Taxes and                                                              Rustic Rough Sawed Woods

Delivery Cost                                                                       Stained or Painted before Installation


                                                                                                    Standard      Inside or        Inside &        Double

Standard Sizes                                                                 Miter           Outside         Outside         Layer

Photo Paper           Metal     Canvas     Paper                  Trim             Trim               Trim             Trim __________________________________________________________________________________________   

8.5”x 11”               Contact for Prices      $ 15              +   $ 30             $ 50               $ 70              $ 50

13”x 19”                Contact for Prices      $ 40              +   $ 45             $ 75               $115             $ 75


Inquire about other sizes also available.                    Example $15 Paper + $30 Standard = $45 + S&H


If you desire a traditional glass enclosed framed image you may simply purchase one of my images for your desired sequestering.  The method I describe below is desired by many of my patrons for its unique appearance and finish.


All my frames are custom crafted quality finished.  The rough sawed rustic wood finishes are also custom quality crafted with the rustic look.  I build all of my frames personally.  I believe the frames are an important part of the art presentation.


Choosing a frame is as personal as choosing an image.  The rustic finished woods, either painted or stained, complement the outdoor images available in this catalog.  While the more traditional wood finishes may be more appealing to you.


The process that I used to mount an image is produced without the need for glass sequestering.  Only materials of the highest quality have been used to ensure the longevity of this image and your investment.


I basically use three types of photo paper other than aluminum and canvas.  They are metallic photo paper, ultra-premium luster photo paper and 100% cotton rag paper depending on what the image calls for or personal preference from the patron.  They are all archival photographic paper that have been used in the production of these images. 


The technique utilized in the mounting of these images is somewhat unique, however not new.  The archival paper is sealed with an acid-free/archival-safe protectant spray.  The sealant has moisture-resistant and has UV protection agents.   It is mounted on the finished-side of a moisture barrier underlayment plywood with photo safe spray adhesive.  This process will give this image a lifetime of beauty without a glass cover.  


Think of your image as a painting.  To clean, simply use a soft dry cloth for dusting.  While I believe the application method I’ve describe herein is the best method of presenting my photo art, you may prefer the under glass application.  You may order an image for a more traditional mounting application as you like. 


Any image larger than 13”x 19” will be a limited edition and you can call for pricing.  Please contact me at or call me at (850) 524-4853 for prices.